Go Auto Christmas Party

After years of trying Pianos, DJs, Bands and performers, we have to say, Harman B was the best DJ we hired for our company event. Tremendous job at reading the crowd and knowing how to play for the entire audience and keeping them engaged. This was the longest anyone has stayed at our Christmas party ever. Thank you Harman B, we can’t wait to have you back!


Venue: Edmonton Expo Centre
Client: Go Auto
Design: Site 6
1200 + Guests
Headliner: DJ Harman B

100.3 The Bear Annual Halloween Howler

Harman B was the DJ in between bands and as the track selection was perfect for our audience, we increased his set length as the audience was clearly enjoying the DJ set at a rock show!


Client: The 100.3 The Bear
Design: Trixstar
Headliner Acts: Godsmack, Buckcherry, The Wild! and Striker
DJ: Harman B
Venue: Shaw Conference Centre
Photography: My Iphone
5000+ Guests


Toltec Music Festival - Cancun Mexico

Harman B & DJ Kwake played some of the biggest nightclubs and beach parties in Cancun over the American Spring Break! An absolute adrenaline pumping and experience that cannot  be described in photos. If you have the opportunity to visit Cancun and go to some of the parties they produce during spring break, do it!



Venue: Cancun Mexico
Client : Various nightclubs and beach clubs in Cancun
DJs: Harman B & DJ Kwake
15000+ Attendance


Shaw Communications Holiday Gala

We had been looking for a DJ who could entertain our diverse guest-list. From 65 year old executives to front end reception staff, there are many cultures, age groups and musical tastes to consider when producing a Christmas party of this size. We decided to give Harman B a chance to DJ our event and have not looked back since. The reviews and feedback we received has been outstanding and the number 1 thing our guests want back each year, is the DJ!


Venue: Shaw Conference Centre
Client: Shaw Cable
Guests 1100+
DJ:Harman B

Coors Light Silver Bullet Express

To produce an experience on a Train in a Rail Car for winners from the across the country is no easy feat. Having Harman B play the music on a moving train and recreating one epic dance party was one of the greatest choices we made on this event. The guests were dancing the whole time and there was never a down time in the execution, Thank you Harman B!


Client - Molson Coors
Private Party for Winners
DJs: Harman B & DJ Kwake

Kokanee FreeRide Marmot Basin

An amazing experience atop the Mid Mountain Chalet on Jasper’s, Marmot Basin. Spinning outside in the Alberta Weather is no easy task. Harman B was fantastic in playing Rock, 80’s, Hip Hop, Nightclub Anthems and keeping the wide-aged audience entertained. The music played represented our branding well!


Venue - Marmot Basin, Jasper
Client - Labatt (Kokanee)
Kokanee Park Ranger and Glacier Girls
DJ: Harman B